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CHIC 2012 Website

The website for CHIC 2012 is now live, which brings this site to an official end. Please update your twitter, RSS, and/or Facebook feeds on the new site to receive any future information. Thanks, and we hope to see you at CHIC 2012: 5IVE.

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And now as we go on our way
may Jesus undo our watered-down,
sanitized and sugar-coated faith,
so that we may follow Him into a heroic life
where our comfort zones are undone
so that we are not afraid to become
countercultural and counter comfortable.

Holy Spirit, reveal a God who is bigger
than all we can figure out
and who loves us beyond what we can imagine.

Give us the courage and the commitment
to work together so that none
of God’s work remains undone.

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CHIC 2012

Save the dates: July 15-19, 2012 at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

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Mainstage Music and Video

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls,

We’re now finally ready to announce the release of the CHIC videos and music from Mainstage. Please use the following links and descriptions below and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!


1. CHIC 09 – Live!
The live worship from CHIC is now available for download on iTunes:

2. CHIC Mainstage Videos
The majority of CHIC videos shown on Mainstage can be found in one place for free on Vimeo. Videos include the Rules VDO, Daily Recap VDOs, and the Short Film Contest Winner music video.

Additional Mainstage videos are available for purchase at Worship House Media. They include the Opener, and the Identity videos.

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Free Music Download!

We’re finishing up the final touches on the release of our live worship album from CHIC. Look for it on iTunes, and other online distributors in March. In the meantime, here’s a free download to whet your appetite!

Download a zipped mp3 or listen below.

Our God Reigns

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Bentiu School Dedicated

BENTIU, SUDAN (October 6, 2009) – Two concrete school buildings, as well as five additional new classrooms, built with funds from the CHIC 2006 offering for Covenant World Relief were dedicated last Wednesday in a ceremony that included leaders from the Evangelical Covenant Church and the Covenant Church of Sudan.

Teenagers who attended CHIC 2006 made the construction possible at Good Hope Basic School by donating more than $100,000 in a special offering for Covenant World Relief (CWR), which also contributed additional funds to the project.

Read the rest of the article.

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Thai Update

Download MVF Presentation (737 KB).

We’re celebrating! After more than 8 months of hard work, the food mill that your CHIC offering made possible, is finished! Twelve truck loads of equipment were brought over from Laos. Grain bins were sanded down, repainted, and re-assembled. Roller mills, hammer mills, and extruders were cleaned and re-conditioned. Augers and transitions were fabricated. And a heavy-duty electrical system was installed. But now it’s all together.


We had our first taste of the corn-soy puffs as they shot out the end of our extruders! Put a little honey on them and they wouldn’t be far off the taste of some of the breakfast cereals we grew up on. After they are ground into a flour and fortified with vitamins and minerals, this product will be sold to school feeding programs in countries throughout this region. This flour is steamed into nutritious cakes, with a little sugar added, and given to grade-school children throughout Laos.


Why? A study by the World Food Program in Laos estimated that almost half the schooI-aged children in Laos are chronically malnourished. Not enough of all of the key nutrients in their diet means that many of the children are stunted—not only in height, but also their mental development. The World Food program has been working to counteract this problem through a school-feeding program throughout Laos. Similar programs exist in refugee camps along the Thai-Burmese border and in surrounding countries.


The food mill that CHIC has built will not only meet this big need, but has many ‘ripple-benefits’. Our mill brings jobs and income not only to the families of people working in the mill, but also to l farmers who are able to grow and sell more crops in the local economy. In the process of making and selling nutritious food, Covenant missionaries engage with the community and work with local churches to spread Christ’s love. FROM THE THAI-LAO BORDER IN THE NORTH, WE WANT TO SAY A BIG THANK YOU, CHIC, FOR BEING A BIG PART OF THIS PROJECT!


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Thai Messenger Bags

The CHIC messenger bags that were pre-sold at CHIC are being finished by the women in Thailand and should be shipped to us in the next few weeks. Shipping from Thailand will take several weeks and we are hoping to be able to ship them out from Chicago to everyone that has pre-ordered them by the end of November or early December. It is also not too late to order your bag! You can visit the Covenant Bookstore to place an order today!

UPDATE (Dec. 9, 2009): The bags are in the states but they are being held up by

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Music Update

We are still diligently working on finishing the CHIC music and are working toward an iTunes release date around Christmas. We’ll let you know when it’s ready right here.

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You may view the video on YouTube.

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Summer to Wonder

Summer to Wonder

Download the Summer to Wonder PDF (4.4MB). This story discussion of the role of women in the church was given to all CHIC participants in their departure packets on the last night.

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