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Guidebook 13 – Policies and Precautionary Measures

Contact Information

An emergency telephone number will be supplied with your final confirmation package. Messages for students or adults onsite will be delivered to them within 24 hours. Emergencies will be responded to with appropriate speed onsite.

Due to the unpredictability of when mail will arrive, many letters and packages have not arrived at past CHIC conferences until after the conference was over. If you do send mail, please send it prior to the event. Mail received after the close of the event will be returned to the sender.


At CHIC 2009 we are striving to create ethnically diverse Base Camps for everyone. In an effort to do this we are asking both youth and adults to indicate their ethnicity on the registration forms to assist us as we create the Base Camp rosters. Answering this question is still optional; if you prefer not to include this information on your registration form please leave that section blank. Thank you for your assistance in this process.

Children at CHIC

CHIC is designed to meet the needs of registered students. The schedule for CHIC Staff and Counselors will be busy, unpredictable, and intense; therefore, children, regardless of their age, are not to accompany a parent(s) to CHIC unless they are a student registered to attend the conference. No exceptions!

Visitation Policy

CHIC is for registered students and adults. If adult visitors do come, they must check-in at the CHIC Office to receive a temporary daily pass.


Security personnel from the University of Tennessee and the CHIC Staff will partner to provide a secure campus 24 hours a day. They will be easy to distinguish, as will all students and adults, by their CHIC 2009 identification which is to be worn at all times. The security staff will help direct traffic to all CHIC gatherings, respond to campus disturbances, patrol the campus during CHIC sessions and at night, as well as help maintain the Standards of Conduct.

Standards of Conduct violations will be handled by Security who may take any or all of the following actions:

  • Develop a written behavioral agreement
  • Consult the local church youth leader
  • Refer the individual to Counseling Services
  • Request that the CHIC 2009 Steering Committee dismiss the individual

Fines and/or legal action may also be pursued by the University of Tennessee for certain violations; please refer to the Standards of Conduct on page 16.

Special Needs

The CHIC Staff has a support team in place to help accommodate students with special needs. This team will make every reasonable effort to assist students with physical, mental, and/or emotional impairments who are able to function in a public school setting. All buildings and events at the University of Tennessee are handicap accessible and transportation will be available to shuttle students with special needs and the companions to and from activities.

Churches are encouraged to send a volunteer to serve as a one-on-one Companion for any student with special needs who may require assistance or supervision. If a church is unable to send a Companion, and if prior notification is given, a member of the CHIC special needs team may be available to serve as a one-on-one Companion for a student. Adults serving as Companions also need to complete an adult application form and should indicate their role as a Companion on that form.

Please help us adequately prepare for students with special needs by completing the special needs form and returning it with your completed student registration form to the CHIC contact at your church. Students applying for special needs registration will receive confirmation of their acceptance by May 25, 2009.

Medical Services

CHIC provides accident insurance for attendees during the duration of the event. Illness and injuries occurring prior to or after the conference will not be covered.

The Medical Services team, composed of RNs, LPNs, EMTs, and a consulting MD will work with the University of Tennessee Medical Center to provide necessary medical care to participants of CHIC 2009. Medical Services team members will be highly visible and stationed around campus throughout CHIC, including being present at all large gatherings and in the residence halls in the evenings. All serious medical cases will be referred to the University of Tennessee Hospital Emergency Room.

Counseling Services

The Counseling Services team will be available at CHIC to work with students and adults who require counseling care. The goal for the Counseling Services team at CHIC is to help meet the immediate need of the individual and connect that person with ongoing counseling help after returning home.

Special Dietary Needs

The University of Tennessee is able to accommodate certain dietary needs (such as a gluten free diet). Please include your request on the special needs form and the University of Tennessee will notify the chef at the cafeteria to which you are assigned. Upon arrival at your first meal on campus, ask to see a manager or the chef in your cafeteria and introduce yourself and you will be able to review any issues of concerns. Please contact the University of Tennessee if you have any dietary concerns.


Parents of students who require prescription medications when traveling and/or at CHIC should discuss their student’s medical situation with the adult leaders from their church. Since it is not possible for the CHIC medical team to dispense prescription medications, counselors/leaders are responsible for administering medicine with students and following parental wishes concerning student’s medicine. Refrigeration for medications can be made available in assigned student housing if this need is noted on the registration form.

Information Center

The Information Center and satellite information booths will be staffed with knowledgeable volunteers who are familiar with the campus, CHIC happenings, and will serve as a resource for all CHIC-related questions.

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