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Ellen Tkacsik

Our eighth entry in the Battle of the Bands contest:

Ellen Tkacsik

Ellen Tkacsik


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49 Responses to “Ellen Tkacsik”

  1. great song! loved the lyrics. did you play all the interments?

  2. Jessica Pfohl says:

    Great voice :) I love that you’re glorifying Jesus :) Hes a cool guy!! :D:D

    Jamming at chic??

  3. Emily Sulak says:

    Gosh I love you girl :) That is so amazing!

  4. angie Dowdle says:

    AMAZING!!! Such a beautiful song! God is so faithful.

  5. Reid McEvoy says:

    So Awesome!!

  6. sarah says:

    OH WOW! I can’t type too well with the tears in my eyes… What a precious gift you have, Ellen! I am utterly stunned once again by your singing… it is so beautiful and your voice just keeps getting richer. Thank you for sharing this message… keep singing for His glory, girlfriend! Love you much, kiddo.

  7. Auntie Lynda says:

    Wow Ellen!
    What a beautiful voice you have! You sang this song so beautifully! You are a very talented young lady! I am happy that I was able to listen to you sing this morning!

    Love you
    Auntie Lynda

  8. Julie Donath says:

    Gloriously Beautiful! What a gift you have been giving, Ellen. Yes, oh yes, continue to use it for God’s glory.

  9. Heather (Tony) Zak says:

    Ellen, I am so grateful your mother shared your performance with us. I look forward to meeting you as I have heard wonderful things about you. Your voice is a gift, thank you for sharing it with the world.

  10. Denisa says:

    Wow! Beyond amazing…please sing to us all the time! LOVE Your voice and the entire song..brilliant..

  11. Candice K. says:

    I’m only voting for you if you promise to walk onstage with toilet paper stuck to your shoe. Tit for TAT, sucka!


  12. Greg says:

    WOOO!!! You rock!

  13. Cory says:

    Dang girl! What talents you have in both writing and singing. This was like a window into your heart–loved every minute of it! I can’t wait to hear more…

  14. Christine says:

    I love it and I’m very proud of you! God is really working on your heart and molding you into a beautiful creation.

  15. Aunt Jo says:

    Ellen, you do have and awesome voice! I would love to hear more…..

  16. Shari and Rick L says:

    What a treat to hear you sing. Rick kept saying, “Wow is that Ellen?” You did a fantastic job.

  17. Mike Bartosch says:

    Ellen, God has blessed you with great talent. I really like your voice and am so proud of you. May God continue to bless you as He works in and through you.

  18. Mama Nancy says:

    I know that you live the faith you write about and that’s why this is so authentic and powerful – not to mention beautifully performed. I love, love,love this song. If it were all sunshine we wouldn’t ever have gotten this deep – it helps me to know that. I love you forever and every, you are not alone, He is completely faithful, and everything WILL be all right. I cannot wait to see what your future holds!!

  19. Polly Johnson says:

    Sweet Ellen…. you have been given an amazing gift and it is truly a delight to be blessed by not only the voice, but your heart as you sing! You’re going to bless the socks off those folks… you already are! XOXO :)

  20. Bob Sampson says:

    Ellen, fabulous song. Love the words, love the spirit and your voice is fabulous! Thanks for sharing your gift with the rest of us!

  21. Kim says:

    Ellen, what a beautiful song, and what an amazing voice you have. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  22. Auntie Darlene says:

    Hi Ellen,


    We hope to see you on Friday. Maybe you could sing for us then?

    Auntie Darlene

  23. Gramps says:

    I love it more each time I listen.

  24. Aunt, Aunt Mary says:

    Dear Ellen, Your Amazing Gift is straight from
    God. Beautiful Voice. Thank you for sharing your gift with us all. I hope they let you sing at your Grad. next year. Remember when you were 3 and Shanelle was 2, you both had a ‘tug of war’
    over a doll. I am sending this on to her to hear, She will be delighted with your accomplishments. May God keep on Blessing you.

  25. Aunt, Aunt Mary. says:

    Dear Ellen, Yor Amazing Gift is staight from God. Beautiful Voice. Thank you for sharing your gift with us all. I hope they let you sing at your Grad, next year. Remember when you were 3 and Shanelle was 2, you both had a ‘tug of war’ over a doll. I am sending this on to her to hear. She will be delighted with your accomplishments. May God keep on Blessing you.

  26. Aunt, Aunt Mary. says:

    Uncle Harry’s Comments.

    I can’t believe the pipes on that little girl.
    She’s Fantastic.

  27. Madeleine Flahr says:

    Go ellen!

  28. Auntie Shannon says:

    Miss Ellen Leigh,

    Your song is so beautiful and powerful. It makes me cry! I absolutely love your voice. I’m so proud of you, girl!

  29. Uncle D says:

    That a girl!!!! Keep it up and we’ll be buying your CD’s beforelong. Awesome!!

    Hope to hear you play in person this summer.

  30. Mama says:

    Precious girl – my great joy in raising you is to see your love for Jesus and your desire to honor Him with your life and with your talents. I love you!

  31. Rita Kyle says:

    I can hear the harmony from above…Go Ellen!

  32. Melanie says:

    What an incredible gift you have, Ellen. It left me wanting to hear more. You have great things in store for you.

    Love Melanie

  33. Laurie says:

    Ellen! I can’t believe that huge voice is yours- I am so impressed. Good luck- wow

  34. CarlyneLouiseOlafson says:

    God Speaks thru all in us that is good
    & beautiful,but no where is his voice
    more sweetly heard than in the love
    shared between parent and child,with
    warmest thoughts& prayers;heaven smiles
    on U,love surround U,& thru HolySpirit
    Jesus is your/our pioneer,trusting his
    newness every morning to go ahead of U
    faithfully…His care heals in
    abundance to hearts.
    Romans 5:5You Endure,each moments
    perseverance brings for proven
    character…finding the blessings.

  35. Grampa Garry says:

    Shared your song in church this morning.
    You were a blessing to all.
    I read them the words and then played the song.
    Dry eyes were few as the heart felt emotion of your words sang out.
    God is at work in and through you.
    Love you,

  36. shesmyhero says:

    You are so good! My mouth literally fell open when you started singing! What a gift the Lord has given you! Good luck in the contest! You’ve definately got my vote!!!

  37. Ben says:

    Hey cousin, Love your song when i see you this summer can you sing for me?

    Love Ben

  38. Deb S. says:

    Love your song and your singing! Fabulous!

  39. Madeleine Flahr says:

    Wow…I never got to finish the song before because my computer was being dumb. I heard the ending this time…and it’s my favorite part!!

    Love you lots,


  40. your youth nexus peeps says:

    we are so proud of you!!! :-)

  41. congrats on the win!

  42. Hannah says:

    diggin ur voice :)) u hav a great strong voice, n im excited to hear u sing :))

  43. Chantelle Marie says:

    Ellen, you have such a gorgeous voice! Keep singing, your soul needs the great melody <3

  44. Grandma D says:

    Remember who you are singing for!

    Love you, sweetie. Blessings.

  45. Megan Howell says:

    Lady Ellen, you’re voice and your heart are so beautiful. I bless you and just pray more and more courage over you as you walk into all that God has for yoU…cause it’s more than any of us can even dream! You’re beauty-full!
    With Love…

  46. Summer says:

    You did a great job ellen!

  47. Billy Stratman says:

    Great job Ellen! Congratulations on your winning. The video was fantastic!

  48. Nancy Felmley says:

    Hi Ellen, so thrilling to see your beautiful face and hear your powerful music come forth as you faithfully walk in the Light and Love of your Awesome Savior and Lord! The enemies indeed fall in defeat as you offer yourself holy and pleasing to God! Blessings and love, Mrs. Felmley

  49. louann daniels says:

    when i first heard you sing at chic i was wow i can;t believe that god is working in amazing ways with you even though you are young and you will hopefully continue to write and sing to praise the lord and let his will in you be done