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4 Days – Thailand Students

One of the great traditions at CHIC is the partnership with Covenant World Relief. This year CHIC participants will be partnering with Covenant missionaries in Thailand. To help communicate to the students at CHIC the work in Thailand, this summer CHIC will be sending a group of high school students to Thailand immediately preceding the event. These students will have a chance to visit downtown Bangkok, as well as travel to the outer edges of the country visiting some of our Covenant missionaries. But most exciting will be the chance the students will have to see first-hand how the offering scheduled to be taken at CHIC will be put to use. They will visit the places, meet the people, and experience the programs that the offering will help to support.

The main objective of the trip is for the students going to Thailand to be able to communicate to their peers how important it is to be aware of the needs of people around the world. The trip participants hope to do this by raising awareness of poverty and giving their fellow students the chance to take action in a project that will directly affect poverty in Thailand. The funds raised by the offering will be used by Covenant related ministries to address the needs of people in Thailand by supporting relevant and sustainable projects. The students selected for the trip participated in an intense application process which began when they submitted a written application and recommendation from their youth leader. They were then invited to submit a video application, which was followed up by a phone interview. When asked what she is most excited about, Rachel Lindsay, who is 18 years old and attends Grace Evangelical Covenant Church in Clay, NY said, “I’m excited to just be immersed in another culture.  I can learn so much from the way others live and I’m excited to see what God has to teach me.”    MJ Pacheco, who attends Sanctuary Covenant Church in Minneapolis, MN is also excited about the trip, saying, “I am most excited about meeting the people when we go to Thailand and learning about their experiences as well as everyday life in general. It is going to be a completely new experience; I can’t wait”! The third student to go on the trip is Kerrick Stevens who attends the Community Covenant Church of Peabody in Massachutes. He is also excited about meeting new people in Thailand and reporting back to everyone at CHIC. All three students ask for prayer regarding the time change and jet lag issues they may encounter as they come back to CHIC to meet up with their youth groups and experience a few days of the event in Tennessee.

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