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The Result of a Longtime Vision: CHIC Creative

Back Row (l to r): Gary Chumley, John Pearson, Brian Johnson, Dave Lueck, Glen Posladek; Front Row: Michael Gromer, Craig Lueck, Glen Penner

Craig Lueck, Master Artist at Hallmark Cards and member of Hillcrest Covenant Church in Prairie Village, Kan., began forming an idea to reach the creative thinkers at CHIC. Two years later that dream has become a reality. Lueck was envisioning a way for students to uniquely express themselves through art. CHIC Creative is the final result of multiple visions, hours of planning and lots of hard work.

“Craig’s premise was he was artistic and not into jock stuff. CHIC Creative is a great way to meet the needs of kids with that interest,” said Brian Johnson, fellow member who assisted with the construction of this project.

Lueck, along with seven other men from Hillcrest Covenant Church set out early Wednesday morning. Four of the men cruised from Kansas to Knoxville on their motorcycles, while the others pulled a trailer loaded with supplies.

When asked how they got involved with this project, crew members said, “Craig’s our good buddy. He’s done it for two years on a team led by Tim Ciccone. We had spare time and were asked to do it.”

The crew spent all day Friday constructing a 208-foot long wall made of Masonite paneling, putting on the finishing touches Saturday morning.

“It took a while to get our prototype built. Once we got rolling, we built all alike,” said another crewmember.

Throughout the week, CHIC Creative will be a public display of ideas, emotion, questions connections and creative muse. A variety of artistic styles are expected as expressions are composed through this collaborative art experience.

“To me it will be interesting to see what the kids will do with it. It’s all an experiment,” Johnson said.

Stay posted to see photos of CHIC Creative throughout the week!

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4 Responses to “The Result of a Longtime Vision: CHIC Creative”

  1. The Becks says:

    This story is great! And that must have taken a lot of Masonite! We’re looking forward to reading more about it!

  2. Diane says:

    How totally cool! I love this idea. It would be very hard to pull me away from this. :)

  3. Nancy says:

    Thanks for honoring our differences and various gifts given by our imaginative and expressive God!

  4. The Feigles says:

    This is fantastic, following the progress with great anticipation. Inspirational…creative thought at work and the power of Christian energy.