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48 Days – Thailand: Abundant Life Center

Hear missionary Karen Groot talk about the Abundant Life Center in Thailand.

Thai Temple Detail

Thai Temple Detail

You may view the video on YouTube.

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64 Days – Thailand Interview

See missionaries Peter and Ruth Dutton talk about their development work in Thailand

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86 Days – Feed My Starving Children

During your week at CHIC, you will have the opportunity to participate in a unique, hands-on service project that will benefit feeding programs all over the world, including Asia.

CHIC is teaming up once again with Feed My Starving Children, an organization dedicated to feeding those who suffer most from malnutrition and hunger. Throughout the week, there will be two-hour work sessions in the afternoon available for you or your group to participate in. During each session, you will serve by packaging meals.

Space is limited, so pre-register as an individual or as a group.

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95 Days – Thailand Photos

This summer we’ll be sending a group of high school students to Thailand immediately preceding CHIC. They’ll have a chance to visit downtown Bangkok, as well as travel to the outer edges of the country visiting some of our Covenant missionaries. But most exciting will be the chance they’ll have to see first-hand how an offering scheduled to be taken at CHIC will be put to use. They’ll visit the places, meet the people, and experience the programs that your offering will help to support. Here’s a look at some of the sites throughout Thailand.

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Staff Update

Can’t decide between serving on the on-site CHIC Prayer Team and serving in some other way at CHIC? This CHIC, we will do our best to accommodate staff requests for part-time Prayer Team positions. You would work most of your shifts in a role outside the Prayer Team, but would have several shifts throughout the week serving with the Prayer Team. Simply indicate this desire when you fill out your staff skills and interest form to be sent to you following the processing of your adult registration.

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On-Site Prayer Team

Pray-er in the stadium

The prayer team’s mission at CHIC is to pray for students as well as for those who minister with them.

Members of the prayer team will travel to CHIC with their respective church or on their own. On the first day of CHIC you will have an opportunity to meet the other team members first hand. We will be available to those who need prayer, to pray for specific needs and requests and to pray on behalf of all who are present that God will be glorified and God’s purposes fulfilled. This includes presence at worship, base camps, seminars, presence around campus, and special requests from the CHIC council. We will meet twice a day for group prayer, to check in and receive assignments. The rest of the day we will be spread out across the campus or be present at worship.

The days admittedly start early, end late and require some significant foot travel around the campus. The terrain is hilly and the weather generally hot. However, through your presence and your prayers you will have an opportunity to reach out to many with the hope and assurance of Christ’s love.

In the final months leading up to the event you will pray for CHIC, receive information on team members and  join together in a series of conference calls to build community, field ideas, pray and answer questions.

If you’d like to be part of the CHIC on-site prayer team, you will register as a staff person. On the second page of the Adult Application you will mark “yes” to the question: “Have you already been recruited by CHIC staff to volunteer in a non-counselor position?”
Answer “prayer team” for the question: “What position?”
And answer “Steve Burger” for the question: “By whom?”

All prayer team members are required to meet the staff qualifications and fulfill the staff requirements listed on the Adult Application Instruction Sheet. The cost to attend CHIC is $499.00 due by May 8th 2009. This includes housing and your meals while you are on site.

If you have further questions please contact me at or feel free to call me at the office at 773-583-0220.

We would be honored to have you serve as a member of the CHIC on-site prayer team, and hope you will be able to join us. Please notify me once you have made the decision to participate as a member of the CHIC prayer team and have filled out the Adult Application.

I look forward to hearing from you.

God bless,
Steve Burger
Director of Christian Formation
Evangelical Covenant Church
3311 West Foster Ave
Chicago, IL 60625

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CHIC 1000

Off-Site Prayer Team
“Remembering you in my prayers.” Eph. 1:16

Even though the Apostle Paul could not always be present with his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ he earnestly prayed for them. In the same way…

We are looking for 1000 people who will support those attending CHIC 2009 by committing to pray in the weeks leading up to CHIC, during CHIC and in the weeks following CHIC 2009.

Each week you will be notified when we update the CHIC prayer list. We will make it available for you to see on the CHIC website.

You will also receive daily requests during the week of CHIC as well as weekly requests following CHIC

If you or someone you know are interested in becoming a part of the CHIC 1000 off-site prayer team then simply complete the CHIC prayer form.

By committing to join the CHIC 2009 off-site Prayer Team you will find yourself bound in a spiritually powerful way to God and to those you are praying for.

In the same way those who are attending CHIC 2009 will be spiritually uplifted by your prayers of support.

Over the years at CHIC, thousands have given their lives to Christ and committed to serve, our Lord and Savior. Please join us in praying that the Spirit will blow once again through the hearts of those at CHIC that they might know the joy, the love and grace of God and grow ever deeper as Christ’s disciples.

Steve Burger
CHIC 2009 Prayer Team Coordinator

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Prayer List

Please join the prayer team in praying for the items updated weekly on the prayer list.

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Alaska Assistance

AlaskaMy name is Phil Cannon and I have been the youth pastor at First Covenant Church in Anchorage, Alaska since 2005. Our church (and our state actually) has a long tradition of literally going the distance and bringing our students to CHIC. As you can imagine however, there is only one way for us to get to these events and that is by airplane. If we were to drive, it would be about a one-week trip each way. In 2006, we paid about $551 per person to travel to CHIC. For CHIC 2009, our travel costs from Anchorage to Knoxville will be double that amount. Our plane tickets are going to be between $1000.00 and $1100.00 each in addition to our registration costs for CHIC. This means that each student from Alaska that goes to CHIC will be paying almost $1,600.00! And that’s just the cost from Anchorage. Every CHIC, we have about 30-50 students who travel from a village in a remote part of Alaska who are responsible to get themselves to Anchorage, which means an additional plane ticket for them that will cost about $500.00 more.

As you can see, we are obviously committed to this important ministry if we are willing to spend so much just to get there. Unfortunately though, there are just some students who simply cannot foot a bill that size and we are no longer able to get the scholarships we once got for most of our students. In the past, most of our students received individual scholarships for CHIC to help them get there, but this year each registering church in the Covenant gets one full scholarship to use however they wish. Some churches will use it to help get one student or staff person to CHIC (or split it among a few) and others will donate theirs to another church in need. If you are considering donating your scholarship, please consider an Alaskan church. This could be a really cool way for your youth group to give and there are actually a number of ways you could take it even further. If you would like to donate your scholarship to a particular church, that would be great. If you would simply like to donate to whatever church has the most need, we can make sure that it gets to someone in need as well. But if you want to go the next step, consider partnering with an Alaskan church and helping them with more than just your scholarship. Most Covenant churches do fund-raising to help pay for CHIC – maybe your group could choose a church and tithe from your fundraising proceeds to that church to assist in their fund-raising. Or perhaps you want to hold one special fund-raising event from which all your proceeds go to assist an Alaskan church. There is any number of ways that this sort of thing can work and frankly, it’d be a lot of fun to establish connections between churches from so far away and then be able to connect face to face when we go to CHIC together.

For more information on how to set up a connection for your group, contact me at

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Thailand Trip


One of the great traditions at CHIC is our partnership with Covenant World Relief. This year we will be partnering with our Covenant missionaries in Thailand. In an effort to promote the Covenant’s work in Thailand, and help prepare you for the offering that will be collected at CHIC, we are sponsoring an all-expense paid trip for a select few high school students to visit Thailand during July 2009, immediately preceding CHIC.

We are no longer taking applications.

Thai Girl

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